Star Trek Online: Dissonance

This was not my first time playing Star Trek Online. I’m not fully familiar with its long and sordid history, but I did give the game a chance when it first went free2play on Steam back in the first half of 2012. It was a game I was happy to play for an afternoon, but no further—not a great prospect for a Massively Multiplayer game, a design model that typically delights in consuming as much of the player’s freetime as is realistically (or unrealistically) possible. It’s out on consoles now, too, along with the bevy of updates which, rumor has it, has massively improved the game since I last played it. After playing the first three hours, compromising the first several “Episodes,” I felt more positively towards Star Trek Online . . . but still feeling like the single evening with it was enough for me.

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