Dragon Quest Builders: Structure

I’ve never played Minecraft.

Partly this is due to not wanting to support Notch, reprehensible person that he is, and though he would no longer reap any profit from my purchase, I can’t extricate his presence from the context whenever it is brought up. The well has been poisoned by his presence. But mostly Minecraft is not the type of videogame that holds my attention. I need structure; I am incapable of committing to my own goals. When dropped into a sandbox and told to make my own fun, I fall into that old paradigm:

“When given the opportunity to do anything, I tend to do nothing.”

So it was with trepidatious curiosity that I entered Dragon Quest Builders, by all accounts a shameless ripoff of Minecraft with a Dragon Quest aesthetic and injected with the structure I require to guide myself through a videogame.

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